Embarking on a research work, especially of an academic and political Nature ,is often the culmination of one’s academic and social development.Therefore it is very germane and fittingly that those research that has been carried out either for oneself or on behalf of others, and completed or still in progress should be listed as it might be a source of Data or reference for those whose research project might be closely related.

1. Democracy In Nigeria Fourth Republic (1999- 2012):
The research work aimed at understudying and evaluating democracy in Nigeria’s fourth republic. it covers the period of may 29, 1999- may 29,2012 accounting precisely for thirteen years of democracy in Nigeria.
The methodology of the research is descriptive and analytical and the theoritical framework is eccentric.the study discuss the major element of democracy in Nigeria’s fourth republic , It identifies the challenges threatening democracy in Nigeria fourth republic and empirically suggest a way of improvement. The research postulate that democracy in Nigeria during this period is inchoate and pseudo.

The research aims at understudying and evaluating the nature, practice, issues and challenges of Ethics and public Service in Nigeria’s fourth republic. This study will attempt to highlight the indispensability of ethics or sound ethical conduct as a basis for effective service delivery in the Nigerian public sector. If Nigeria must get development initiative/efforts right in the 2st century, then the transformation agenda of this present administration must be anchored on sound public service values and enduring ethical practices.
This study will identified and considered major issues in Ethics and public Service in Nigeria between 1999 till date while tracing the historical background to the composition and initial structures of Nigerian civil service.
The methodology for the research is descriptive and analytical and qualitative and the theory for this research is utilitarian theory. The source of data is the secondary source of data and the theoretical framework is the System Theory, and the American psychological association (APA) referencing style is adopted
The research finds out that, ethical issues have become a bane of underdevelopment in Nigeria public service. There is large vast of ethical degeneration in \nigeria public service, this which is typified by corruption, nepotism, partisanship etc. Therefore to curb the excesses the research make some indefatigable recommendations

The research is anchored on the prevailing corruption in the Nigerian Public sector, the inherent corruption and the attendant poverty in the country, with the “Nigeria National petroleum corporation” (NNPC) as the case study.
The methodology for the research is descriptive and analytical and qualitative. The source of data is the secondary source of dataWe therefore relied on field research and documented facts from existing literatures. Data was gathered from textbooks, journals, Newspapers, official gazettes, the internet and un-published materials relevant to the study. The American psychological association (APA) referencing style was adopted.
The research however found that corruption as belated the NNPC in ensuring the promotion of welfare of the Nigeria state. It was also discovered that corruption in NNPC is borne out of conspiracy between the Politic actor and the bureaucrat
The research concluded that the entrenchment of the PIB may help jettison the abysmal called corruption in NNPC. The empowerment of the EFCC and ICPC will also put an end to corruption in Nigeria public sector.

4 Democracy and Federalism in Nigeria fourth Republic :

5.Women in contemporary politics in Nigeria

6.Intergovernmental Relation in Nigeria’s fourth republic.

7.Legislative aand executive relations in Nigeria’s fourth republic:

8.Federalism in Nigeria’s fourth republic

9.Public service reform in Nigeria:Challenges and Prospect.

10. Bureaucratic corruption and Nigeria’s development. A case study of the first republic.

11. Ethics and Nigeria public sector : A case study of the Nigeria police force

12. Insecurity and National development in Nigeria;s fourth republic (1999-2014)

13. Corruption and sustainable development in Nigeria’s fourth republic:issues and prospect

14. Electoral reform and democratic consolidation in Nigeria’s fourth republic: challenges and prospect(1999-2014)

15.The rule of law and Democratic consolidation in Nigeria’s fourth republic:issues, challenges and prospect.


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