CONCEAL YOUR INTENTIONS: A case study of Chief M.K.O Abiola Quest for Power By Adekunle D A.


for weeks now, i have been modifying the 48 laws of power in Nigeria context, reflect on contemporary political event and how they related to “philosophy of power” as opined by “Robert Green” In his book. In an attempt to provide an empirical analysis, cum effort to ensure a simplistic interpretation of the “48 Laws of Power” in Nigeria`s context, Chief M.K.O Abola quest for political power is the case study for the 3rd law of power.


Chief M.K.O Abiola, a generous, dogged and ever sagacious Nigerian. A renowned businessman and a selfless patriot. Abiola, who is loved by almost all Nigerians and a very close friend of top politicians and ally of the then military regimes, contested the 1993 Nigeria’s Presidential election. His dream was to climb the Political ladder of success and to sit in the highest office in the country. The dream which he didn’t accomplish, as it never comes to reality, rather he died behind bars with his dream. His dream was aborted, as the 1993 election was annulled by Gen.Ibraheem Babaginda. He was betrayed by many of his friend and close ally, the military regime which he had so much contributed. Abiola died with his dream because many of his political intentions were already foreseen by group of individuals who saw it as a threat to their existence.Nevertheless, Abiola is a champion of Nigeria`s contemporary democracy.

Having won the annulled election and detained for years, one would have thought that death of Gen. Sani Abacha is a portend of Abiola`s re-emergence into politics. Our assumption was that chief MKO Abiola will be released, and will be given his mandate freely without any form of ambiguity.To the surprise of Many, the friend of the people “Abiola” was bloodlessly killed, in What many believed was politically calculated murder orchestrated by people who sees Abiola as a detriment to their own political survival. However, numerous account of “Abiola`s” death has been given ,but what is more certain is that his death is attached to politics.

Therefore, having rigorously examined series of event unfolding from declaring his intention to run for political office through his detention, to his death, i can venture to assert that, the death of “Chief M.K.O Abiola” is a conspiracy, it is politically motivated by group of cabal who see his ambition as a threat.

However i have adjudge the following has reason for his death.

1. His foreseen “recalcitrant” human nature
2. His political intentions to demand compensation from Britain for her exploitation, subjugation of Nigerians during colonialism, when he gets to power.
3. His intentions to transform Nigeria, punish culprit and not to go along with wish of the cabals.
4. His foreseen intentions to seek for his mandate after being released from the prison or his will to contest the 1999 election.
5. The believe he his going to revenge.

Even if mine view might not wholeheartedly reflect all, i can categorically assert that, The foreseen intentions of “Bashorun Ile Yoruba” majorly accounted for his political travails and his bloodless murder.

“Have you ever heard of a skillful general, who intends to surprise a citadel, announcing his plan to his enemy. Enshroud your purpose and hide your progress; do not disclose the extent of your designs until they cannot be opposed, until the combat is over. Win the Victory before you declare the war.keep suspicion, hidden sincerity,false belonging,and noble gesture to consolidate your actions.

The lesson from this is not only suited for politicians, it encompasses all human endeavor, in the family, Institutions, work place and in all ramification.Think before talking,keep suspicion, hidden sincerity,false belonging,and noble gesture to consolidate your actions.

Thanks Immensely

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2 thoughts on “CONCEAL YOUR INTENTIONS: A case study of Chief M.K.O Abiola Quest for Power By Adekunle D A.

  1. Your write up makes an interesting reading. However, I wont to observe that even before he joined politics you can not be in doubt as to what MKO stood for. He was blunt and never sat on the fence. His second coming into politics and a shot at the presidency was all providential. He should not have gone into politics the second time. It was a grave mistake and fatal error. The time was never ripe at the time.


    1. Like said and posit in the write, the for seen recalcitrant attribute of Abiola , going by his history as an business cum his political stands especially his failure to denounce his mandate even while I’m prison all accounted for while he was murder. Therefore, as a deterrent we must always try exploit hidden intentions when dealing in any relationship.


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