Like Atiku, Like Bukola Saraki: The death of political decency by Adekunle D A.

“Reputation is the corner stone of power. Through reputation alone one can intimidate and win. However once it slips, one becomes vulnerable and will be attacked on all sides. Make sure your reputation is unassailable.”-Robert Greene (1998)

The above aphorism postulated by Robert Greene, expatiated the need to value reputation in the course of political career in this competitive democracy. Also there is a saying wealth isn’t measured by the cars or riches, but by one`s character. A man who lacks character, lack all things.

Although in politics, according to Machiavelli, there is no morality, the ends justify the means. However to maximize all opportunities and to attain the highest form political power, there is in existence what is called “political Decency”. Political Decency categorizes, distinguishes and class politicians on how they are perceived by the citizens. Political decency goes a long way, it determines and measures the extent to which one can survive in competitive politics. A politician that lacks decency, not so much in terms of political morality rather in his appeal to the people, might find it difficult to be successful in politics.

Following the theatrics betides in the National assembly, especially that of the “upper legislative chambers”-The Senate and having examined vividly what transpired, it is realistic that, there are many question calling for answer, especially that, which is of my concerns  “political decency”. Constitutionally, the election that brought “Senator Abubukar Bukola Saraki” as the Senate President is justifiable, but on moral and intra-party democracy, the election is nothing but untenable.

It is line with this , that I decided to examine the role of decency in our politics ,the effect it has not only on individual political career, but also on intra-party democracy, general mistrust and the need to measure the extent will go to satisfy our appetite for power.

To begin with I will take brief evaluation on Alhaji Atiku Abubukar political career in relation to political decency as a drastic forewarning to Senator Bukola Saraki, especially being a “serial Judas”.


Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the handsome looking and crafty politicians begin to gain momentum in the course of his political career, having been elected as the vice president of Nigeria under chief Olusgeun Obasanjo civilian administration in 1999. At inception it looks like it’s going to be a marriage without bitterness. However the desperations that characterize the ambitions of these two fellows began to show up and escalated toward the ends of their tenure as the president and vice president respectively.

Atiku , overwhelmed with political power, and soothsayer(marabout), driven with the hope of  being Nigeria president, counter attack his  boss Obasanjo, by wholeheartedly planning his impeachment, as posited in “My Watch”, and spearheading the antagonism against Obasanjo`s “Third term Agenda”. Although, the sagacious move by Atiku was applauded and welcomed by everyone especially democracy activist. Alhaji Atiku gathered momentum with this move, thereby gained some significant political score. He garnered reputations and political sympathy by hanging on his boss third term agenda, a “Public Crystallization”.

Alhaji having seen the score garnered from his actions, attempts to maximize the opportunity by contesting and aspiring to be Nigeria next president. However after the failure of his party (PDP) to confer on him the party ticket, he decamped to the Action congress (AC) and was given the ticket to fly for the party in 2007 elections. Nonetheless, a man whose morality and loyalty was in question coupled with the many dark alleys that characterized Nigeria`s political environment, cum corruption stigma stamp on him, at end Alhaji couldn’t win the election, as he lost woefully to the anointed candidate of his rival “Umaru Musa Yar` Adua”. Notwithstanding, with the reputation gathered in the course of crystallizing the third term agenda and the sympathy generated , the hope of becoming Nigeria president is still very much visible.

Disappointingly, in a manner of retrogression, this hope faded away, his political chances began to have a blur look, as he his public posture and image became appalling. The reason for this is very obvious.

Alhaji having lost the 2007 elections couldn’t withstand the life of an opposition. Driven by over ambitiousness, Alhaji ushered in another dimension of political tactics called “political prostitution”, has he simultaneously and consistently interchange party as well as his intra-party activities became unbearable, playing the role of a “Political Maradona” across the breath and length of Nigeria`s political milieu

While this cross- hatching became too obvious coupled with several corrupt allegations, his reputation was fast drowning. His rival took advantage of his inconsistencies by opening holes in his reputations, exposing his loopholes and attacking him on all sides, catabolizing his public image from all sides.

In a short period of time, public perceptions towards him become repulsive. I am optimistic that, if Alhaji had conducted a survey on his public perception, particularly within the southern citizens, he would have realized how he has created upon himself an irreconcilable mistrust. Even though, his economic policy portrayed him to have vision for Nigeria, but he has shot himself with the lack of consistency that characterized his over-ambitiousness.

Thus, if one is not to be economical with the truth, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar political chances of becoming Nigeria`s president has been run to the background. A consequence of his cross-hatching and interchanging political party like a woman in a polyandry marriage. For the survival of his reputation and his chances, Alhaji requires a serious political doctor, that can help him revisit his public perception.


Senator Bukola Saraki the Nigeria “Ceaser Borgia” would not stop doing anything at finding his way out. Although in politics there is no absolute loyalty, the ends justifies the means, and the essence of being in a any political relationship is to satisfy one`s interest. However when one becomes a serial betrayal, without any degree of loyalty, then the person has created upon himself a degree of Over-ambitious desperation, mistrust, that invariably will affect his political chances.

Senator Saraki, might today be the senate president via disloyalty and a ridicule of intra-party democracy, but the truth is that he has hang upon himself a disaffection and mistrust across the circle of power bloc that is, from the Saraki dynasty in illorin, through PDP as a political party to APC as a party and the citizen as a whole.

Bukola, exploited the imposition attribute of his father to become the governor of Kwara state, and also serious antagonism of his father imposition attribute to get his way out, in the course of choosing a candidate that will be loyal to him as a governor. Also betrayed his PDP as at the time the party is drowning. Aside this, a man that would stop at nothing and who is over-ambitious betrayed member of his new marriage by colluding with his ex-wife(PDP) to thwart away the hope of his new wife (APC).

Therefore, I can venture to assert that Bukola Saraki is a jeopardy on intra-party democracy because, an election has been conducted in the party and a candidate has been selected by the majority. Colluding with the PDP to override the decision of the majority in the party is not only an act of indiscipline but a ridiculous party sell out that requires serious cautions. Although constitutional he has been elected and nothing can’t change that, APC should accept him and manage the situation in such a way it doesn’t escalate thereby bringing upon the party an untimely death because APC is not only a political party but a peoples movement for change, and it activities are closely watched by the people. However the need for Saraki to watch his back and never sleep with two eyes closed isn’t negotiable because what comes around goes around.

Saraki today as wholeheartedly put his reputations into question, has many now foresee him as a “forlorn betrayal” his political sincerity has been put in jeopardy. At such he might severely dealt with, although he might today be at the peak of his political career but I foresee a man that can never achieved beyond his current staus, although a lot of remedy can still be done before his hope is dash away like that of his senior counter-part.

Viewed from the foregoing , I can venture to assert that the death of decency and desperation of Nigeria`s politician must be put to seriousness scrutiny to further deepen our democracy and to institutionalize parties as an epitome upon which democracy is built. Saraki and his role model Atiku, must begin to learn that in the course of acquiring power “Reputation Speaks Louder”. If you have no reputations, no one can ever depend on you, and at such no one can never confer upon you his Trust. Thereby your chances in life ,not only on political matters but also private life will be attacked and at such an abrupt stoppage of one career becomes inessential.


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