“Awarding the Unworthy: Dr.Ngonzi Iweala/Yale University Honorary Award”- by Adekunle D A.

award 001award 4When the word “Award” is mentioned, what comes in mind is “Integrity”, “Intellectualism”, “Merit” and “Enviable achievement”. These are the epitome on which an “award” is built upon, bestowed or confer on an individual or a group.

However, recent event especially in the learning and religious institution has simultaneously vilipend the core values, and the extreme quality that is place upon an award, as a result of their indiscriminate, prejudice, lack of fact and mediocrity in the course of conferring “Accolades”. Conferring an award requires humorous scrutiny, as it features appreciation of hard work and visible and enviable achievement.
The mannerism to which an award is been given in recent times is worrisome, and there is a need for proper scrutiny of those conferring the award, as they have continue to exemplify unprofessionalism, especially with the fact that it has been hijacked by vagary, whim and caprice, the political opportunist called politician and also unscrupulous beings who see it as an avenue to promote their hypocrisy against truth and a means to short change Realities.
okonjo olodo
To begin with, the Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, United State, recently bestowed on the minister of finance and coordinating minister for the economy “Dr Ngonzi Okonjo Iweala” honorary degree in Human letters. The institution in a bid to justify their conferment, claimed to have honored “Mrs. Iweala” based on her development achievement for Nigeria. They posit that “as the minister of finance “Dr. Iweala” tackled corruption, created a vision of economic stability and worked to built a culture of transparency.

In Reaction to this and like many other Nigerians that has come to the foray to distill the claims of Yale University and also in a bid to drive home my point, I also joined them to deprecate the claims and justifications of Yale University. It is of my opinion that their position is a harbinger of lack of fact and figure of happenings in Nigeria, a serious violation of the sacrosanctities of territorial integrity. In this case, I see Yale University as a meddlesome interloper, a buttinsky who had no deep commitment to Nigeria’s developmental project; otherwise they (Yale) wouldn’t have conferred or bestowed on Dr.Ngonzi Iweala such a prestigious award.

The fact is that, there is no correlation between the justification of Yale and the sticky wicket ravaging Nigeria’s polity ushered in by the mismanagement of the economy that characterized the present administration of President Goodluck Jonathan and under the watch of the “Bretton wood” DR. Ngonzi Iweala.
The economy of the country as of today is appalling ,hovering to a debt profile of over $60billion,Unpaid salaries, massive looting with over $20billion unaccounted, irrational contract empowering ethic militias, and misplacement of priority. Six years aftermath the clamor for subsidy removal, sponsored by same Dr. iweala and the increase in price of fuel, Nigeria still can’t boast of a single refinery, visible infrastructural achievement, adequate power supply and quality education. No form of developmental project is visible, rather it has been years of severe hardship on the citizenry. Rather than coordinate the Nigerian economy to greater height, it is of my opinion that Dr. Ngonzi has successfully coordinated a dwindling economy characterized with voluminous corrupt practices.

Therefore it neither misleading nor erroneous to averred that “Yale University” in a bid to justify the award committed “Ignoranto elenchi” that is, an irrelevant conclusion on the person, achievement of Dr. Ngonzi Okonjo Iweala in the last six years, as the minister of finance and coordinating minister of the economy of the Nigeria state. And if otherwise, I will join critics to aver that “Yale University” is a Kibitzer appreciating and promoting the antiquity of the wretched of the heart-“Imperialism”.
Also, The Apostolic church of Nigeria, FCT field on May 22nd 2015 honored President Goodluck Jonathan with the “2015” epitome of peace award. As posited by the superintendent the award was bestowed on President Jonathan for his role during and after the election. While I joined the superintendent and many other Nigerians to congratulate President Goodluck Jonathan for conceding defeat and being a lover of peace, however the justification provided is faulty. My reason for this, is very obvious, if the superintendent has singled out “aftermath election” there wouldn’t have been any reason to debate but since he included before election, therefore there is need to reflect on it.

The fact is that the actives of the presidency before the election is nothing to write home about, his pretense toward provocative campaigns against Gen. Muhhamodu Buhari by his allies, such as, Ayodle fayose death wish, mama peace utterances against the North, and the activities of Dr. Doyin Okupe ought and needs to be put in consideration by the awardees, as it negate their justification. I think the team of Gen. Buhari deserves the award in this case for not exchanging unpleasant commentaries and also Chief Anyaoku, Gen.Abubukar, and John Kufor for their role in orchestrating the Peace agreement.

I have a strong believe that the awardees are savvy, attempting to override reality by exploiting the emotions of Nigerians as a result of her inchoate democracy. The President conceding defeat is a democratic norm, a virtue of democracy holding a strong appeal to tolerance and sportsmanship. Unnecessary Importance must not be attached to it, if democracy is to be consolidated. That President Goodluck Jonathan deserves an honor or a noble peace prize for conceding defeat is erroneous and should not be taken into consideration, if democracy is to be sustained.

Therefore, viewed from the forgoing, one can venture to assert that awarding the unworthy is like “taking the unworthy to benefit from the needy”. This situation must been jettisoned if intellectualism and integrity is to be seen as value in our society. Awardees must gather fact and figure when given out awards and they must ensure it’s worthwhile.


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