I have since March 28 taken a temporary leave from political write-ups or interfering in partisan politics, since my dream of a Gen. Muhammed – Buhari presidency has come to a reality and my hope for a new Nigeria has resurrected.
While I have decided not to take active role and show no interest in the upcoming gubernatorial elections, my passion and interest in the development of my country and that of my place of residence would not allow me rest. It is based on this; I have woken up to contribute my quarters through my pen, especially with the ongoing hullabaloo of Oba of Lagos relating to his unwarranted comment on Igbo’s.
While it is misleading and unforgiving if I attempt to exonerate Oba of Lagos from the ridiculous threat he made to Igbo’s residence in Lagos, one must also crucify and passionately castigate the over politicization of the issues and the unforgiving, unreliable, unman and unmatched exploitation of the issue by the opposition (PDP) and its candidate “JIMI AGBAJE” whose desperation to take-over Lagos at all cost is unquantifiable.This specifically so, with the visible evidence of how the issue was exploited and overturned to taint the image and candidacy of “AKIWUNMI AMBODE” of the “All Progressive Congress”.
Although I must express it here, that Mr.jimi Agbaje is someone I love, especially his fancy spoken English. However as a political scientist upholding the “Principle of Curvilinear Disparity”, a JIMI AGBAJE is not the right man and preferred choice to take over the governance of Lagos State, particularly now that the APC has taking over the centre.
I have examined rigorously the manifesto of the Lagos PDP and I see it tinted with “fallacy of realities”. As posited by Jimi Agbaje himself, he averred in a campaign that “to achieve the aligned objective in his manifesto, Lagos must not be in the opposition once again, that Lagos must align herself with the center”. However, now that things have change and the APC have taking over the center, thus it is reasonable that Mr. Jimi Agbaje must respect his position by not derailing from his stands. Lagos cannot withstand to be in the opposition once again. For more than 16yrs of democratic experiment ushered in 1999, Lagos aside any other state as witness magnitude of sufferings , pains and isolation due to her opposition to the ruling party of the PDP. Many projects that ought to have been executed are either neglected as result of negligence inflicted on Lagos by the ruling party of the PDP. This is evidence with the seizure of Lagos Fund under Olusegun Obasanjo Administration and the Unpaid debt of 51billion Naira by the Goodluck- Jonathan Administration .
Although Gen. Buhari is not expected to be the president of the APC but the president of Nigeria, notwithstanding Lagos must be allowed to reap the fruit of her labor, looking at the contribution she made to the emergence of the APC. Lagos must at this time enjoy a symbiotic relationship i.e. a room and parlor relationship with the center. This will transmogrify positively to the development and growth of Lagos state and Lagosian respectively.
Aside from the above Mr. Jimi Agbaje has continually referred to his Manifesto or party policy as “Bold Idea” under the disguise of what he labeled as “shelter”. But one question Mr. Jimi Agbaje has failed to answer is “why is that the bold idea has not reflected in his private life” because a comparative study of his Bold Idea and his pharmacy is a null hypothesis, as there are no correlation to explain the feasibility of his bold ideas, given the fact that, as an exemplary thesis, the company has failed to expand since 1985 and has been able to accommodate 100 personnel talking of reducing the current unemployment ravaging the polity or taking the youth out of poverty as posited in his manifesto, as we all know chastity begins at home.
Another thing that cannot be separated from governance is Professionalism through remarkable experience. Mr. Jimi Abgaje not having a background in the social and management sciences and with no experience of governance even at the local level of government, is a strong deterrent to his candidacy and if eventually elected, will be a strong deterrent to Lagos development. This is not to say Mr. Agbaje is not completely Ok, but he must realize that Lagos is not a place for Hypothesis testing or experimentation. Lagos as an entity within Nigeria is essentially a “Pot Pori” of individuals with different aspirations, desires, needs and want. Even though there exist some form of commonalities, it is also a fact that ample differences exist in persecution of perceived common interest. Therefore to manage this situation requires a qualified, experience, tested and proven candidate. While I can’t categorically averred that Mr. Ambode is the miraculous and best candidate for the job, It is of my opinion that among his peer, he should be given a chance to consolidate his proven track record as an Accountant General of Lagos And 27yrs in the civil service and that of his predecessors in the APC.
Again, one thing I have been able to deduced from the campaign utterances of Jimi Abgbaje is a man who is good has communicator , not one with a mind of partisan politics characterized with good , bad , ugly, friendship , foes and unsatisfactory comment. Before March 28 2015, Mr. Agbaje campaign team and his utterances ordinarily have generated division and staunch hatred among Lagos residence, especially among Igbo’s and other tribe. Mr.Agbaje has allowed not only his ambition,but also the calamitous individual around him to override his reasoning. It’s unforgiving that Mr. Agbaje threatened Lagosian when he averred “that if and only if Goodluck Jonathan is re-elected will Nigeria and Lagos survive due to the Niger-Deltans ownership of crude oil which is the major source of revenue. This assertion does not reflect Mr.Agbaje’s “BOLD IDEA”, it relegate his manifesto to “Dependent Imagination”. A bold idea does not respect dependency theory, it upheld survival of the fittest, it insists on possibility among impossibility, and it held citizen with adequate welfare during famine and itself with high esteem and dignity.
Also, the recent preferences and romance of Igbos by Mr. Agbaje expose him has someone with little or no experience in managing a cosmopolitan area like Lagos. His ridiculous exploitation of Oba Riliiwan Akiolu wrongful assertion, does no good than tearing the polity apart, an insult to the Lagos Royal family and entire Yoruba Nation. While one must not been driven by ethnic jingoism, one must respect the position and wish of indigents. We must remind ourselves that we are not in the era of Colonialism and Apartheid South Africa. Although in Lagos everyone belong, notwithstanding we must respect our unity and not allow selfish myopic politician to create division and instill in us the evil of ethnocentrism.
I also use the medium to apologies on behalf of OBA of LAGOS to Igbo residence. Kabiesi never meant it that way; it was twisted for cheap political gains. We must also realize that the Oba of Lagos might have reacted has a result of the unfolding drama and the continuous insult of the Royals by the coordinator of TAN Ambassador Chief ifeanyi – Ubah, describing Lagos has no man’s land. It’s misleading for anyone to prescribe that assertion to Lagos alone. The fact is that Nigeria as a whole is no man’s land to all Nigerians. We have the right and privilege to settle down anywhere we like.
Viewed from the foregoing, it is of my opinion that the inexperience, uneven exploitation of ethnocentric view, and desperation’s of some allies of Jimi Agbaje no doubt reveal him as a Political Demagogue, and a learner of political processes. His Bold Idea is fallacy of ideas. This is not to say Mr Agbaje is not a role model for others to follow, but it is my belief that Mr.Agbaje at the moment is not the best man for the job, as his view reflect that of a Demagogue.

NOTE: This write-up is subject to constructive criticism and his expression of a Lagos resident, not sponsored by any political party or it affiliate.jimi agbaje


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