giant nigeriaLike the biblical context of the mighty Goliath “the great philistine warrior” whose fall was orchestrated by the small “David of Israelite”, such is the case of the Nigerian state, the self acclaimed “Giant of Africa” who has continue to witness sporadic free-fall in all endeavor driven by issues that shouldn’t  have influenced the country processes,such as corruption and bad leadership, thereby threatening her survival.

While it is not a doubt that Nigeria is a typical Africa state whose political and socioeconomic history hung precariously on an unsteady pendulum, as it has continue to witness series of misfortunes ranging from Colonial invasion, Military dictatorship, civil war , pseudo democracy through massive government corruption to terrorism. However, it is not erroneous perhaps misleading to averred that Nigeria before now, remains a “Champion” in the Africa’s project, as her deliberate effort in rescuing Africa from imperialism, impoverishes and disunity is visibly overwhelming.
In the early 60s and late 90s even till date, Nigeria foreign policy as often revolved round “Africa Interest” and “Africa Unity”. Nigeria has contribute immensely to Africa’s development, be it in ensuring peace in war zone, such as Liberia or her financial contribution in reconstructing of post war African countries, as well as human or personnel contribution to the “United Nation” at ensuring world peace. This deliberate effort of Nigeria in Africa’s project prompt the recognition of Nigeria as “The Giant of Africa” i.e. the shoulder above all heads.

With the new dispensation of democratic governance that was ushered in 1999, Nigeria’s fourth attempt, it is believed by many observers that Nigeria will continue to stand tall among her peers. Disappointingly, reverse has been the case. Nigeria as of today is explicitly doomed and the situation has snowballed into a “pit-fall of abysmal” in all ramifications. The situation has nose-dived into the Nigeria “processes” affecting negatively it output. Seemingly, Nigeria has knelt down, taking a bow like a dying Giant among her peers such as, Singapore, china, Brazil, India, south Africa and even Cameroon and Chad whose military effort has rejuvenated the “Hopes” of Nigerians in the North-east after years of bombardment and trauma ushered in by Boko-Haram, promoted and monitored by the negligence of Nigeria Presidency and its administration. Therefore, these alarming and worrisome situations necessitate the subject Matter of “Nigeria’s Retrogression”. A nation which many believed ought to be progressive with her natural and human resources, especially with the adoption and practice of Democracy, has shamefully become the opposite. The question now is what has gone wrong?

Having undergone a rigorous observation of happenings without any form shenanigans, I adjudge this embarrassing situations to what I refers to as “Cloud interest”, short-sightedness and selfish instinct that characterize the mind of Nigeria’s political leaders transmogrifying into the society, especially in the current Democratic dispensation. However this is not to say Nigerians are not upright, but the Upright one’s are either not given chance to govern or short change from the birth of their aspiration to govern, as history explain to us.

Since the inception of democracy in 1999, overseer by the People’s Democratic Party “PDP”, being at the helms of power, the country political landscape hasn’t been friendly to the common man thereby affecting productivity. Nigeria has become a laughing-stock in the international community. Our leaders are perceived as “jokers”. Attesting to this, is the various ridiculous qualification of our President by international statesmen like “Senator John McCain” who describe President Jonathan as “One guy like that”, to make the matter worst is the assertion of the Zimbabwean President “Robert Mugabe” who perceived “Nigeria has a place where you will have to deep your hand in your pocket to get things done” and the latest is the row between Nigeria and Morocco. This situation expatiated how Nigeria Image has been drain by the crazy political opportunist. The fortunate opportunist has degraded the Virtue and Value of the Nigerian state both domestically and internationally.

Our justice system is porous and economical, as it only favors the rich against the poor .Many Nigerian that has been acquitted of corruption crimes by Nigeria judiciary, are somewhere in the UK serving jail term over same issues. Drug Baron and convicted criminals are now major stakeholders in decision-making in Nigeria has they belong to one political party, even at times the major financier of the party thereby influencing governmental decisions. To make the matter worst, the office whom the burden rest to correct this ugly situation has shamelessly been it promoters. The current leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan has been perceived as the most corrupt since the birth of Nigeria state. No wonder, convicted criminal like Ex-Bayelsa Governor Alameisiagha was given state pardon after impoverishing Bayelsans. Not to say that is the worst, the president wholeheartedly in a televised media chat averred that “stealing is not corruption”. This assertion has attracted international actors, developing negative perception toward an average Nigerian .This ugly situation has over time denied Nigerians of many international opportunities including visas, simply because of the perception bestowed on them by “dunno” presidency. Today convicted criminal still parade themselves as stakeholders thereby affecting the psychology of the youth, who perceived corruption and impunity as Dignity.

While one must not be bias taking swipe only on the ruling party (PDP) for the calamities that befall our beloved countries, however it’s a progressive elaboration to averred that, “the ruling party and its presidency from 1999-till date must accept responsibility for all odds, as result of their failure to ensure sanity” .This specifically so, given the fact that they have been in charge of Nigeria’s centralized federalism.

Another major problem that has continue to undermine the capability of the Nigeria state in ensuring and safeguarding her place as the Giant of Africa is insecurity. Nigeria who has over the years ensure security across the global village especially in Africa , has suddenly become a Nation plagued by insecurity ranging from Boko-Haram occupation in the North-East, kidnapping in the South-South, Armed robbery in the south –East and Ritualism in the south-west. Nigeria has lost more than 15,000 life’s to terrorism orchestrated by Boko-Haram- a relatively small group whose activities started with cutlasses and stick, but as a result of “negligence” on the part of the incumbent president and the misplacement of priority that characterize his crew and the Nigerian security forces , grew to a world-class terrorist organization. My position has been attested by Mr. President who came out shamelessly to tell the world and admitting that “he underestimates the capacity and capability of the dreaded group Boko-haram”.The assertions of Mr. President expatiated and vindicate those who call him a “Dunno” president and also the failure of United State to collaborate with Nigerian military.In ideal society this assertion by the Presidency is a “treason” and does not only calls for his resignation, but also his impeachment and trials.Disappointingly, in Nigeria the same person still seeks for another term of office from the electorate and even capitalize on this situation to garner electoral fortunes, going by his campaign speech in Yobe.

Against all odds, it will be unforgiving if one does not recognize the rigorous effort of our sister Nations “Cameroon and Chad” whose courageous zeal has help tamed and minimize the activities of the inglorious Boko-Haram terrorist group. The Nigeria military who is often perceived as the “Iota of versatility and Knowledge”  has suddenly become a “look- sit-down” institution, as it has been infiltrated by corrupt politician through corrupting its top officials thereby encouraging sabotage and becoming unproductive. However this does not mean no Kudos to Nigerian military. To some who have lost their life to the battled due to under equipments, I pray GOD will forgive them of their sins and grant them a peaceful rest in heaven. Nigerians will continue to remember you for good. Rest in Peace. Aside this , Nigerians must also congratulate and give thanks to democracy , particularly election for making our president effective within six-weeks of his five years reign.

Therefore, from the foregoing, its visible that, Nigeria as of today is a “Giant on free fall” and if this ugly situation isn’t corrected with immediate effect, Nigeria might end up a dying Giant. Nigerians must not be deceived by the agent of retrogression that currently characterized our polity. As the election draws closer many promised will be made, heaven and earth will be promise but Nigeria must take to their reason to elect credible and non corrupt individual who can revive the country and her position as the Giant of Africa. We the youth must take to street to educate citizens, particularly undecided voters on the need to vote and defends our votes. It is time to re-write our history by coming out to vote on March 28 and April 11 respectively. However who ever emerges on may 28 and April 11 respectively must adopt the Six Sigma business process improvement strategy in improving the country political process thereby moving the country from a product/government centric to consumer/citizen centric oriented. The elected person must take time to understudy citizen requirement and how best they can be satisfied by ensuring citizen participation through a symbiotic jingoism.


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