“Marlyn-Ogar Partisanship”- An Harbinger of ethical degeneration in Nigeria’s Public Institution- By Adekunle D A.

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The department of state security service (DSS) also known as State security service(SSS) as a security apparatus, was establish in 1996, mainly as a domestic intelligence agency of Nigeria and with the primary objective of intelligent gathering. As a key feature of any public institution, it is expected that the DSS will maintain neutrality and imbibe in the rule of law in carrying out their assigned duty.However, with recent event, reverse from this ethical standard has been the case. The institution has continued to fail simultaneously to imbibe by ethical code of conduct. The Institution has remain partisanship as result of the increasing partisanship and lost of focus of it spokesperson Marlyn-Ogar. In its objective of intelligence gathering the institution has failed woefully, especially with the free flow of operation of the Boko-haram sect that has continue to bombard and kill thousands of Nigerians. The institution has failed Nigerians in ensuring intelligence information and uplifting security. This is specifically so given the fact that the institution as lost in commonsense, it priority and focus which amounted to misinformation, to the extent that it has made intelligence gathering in Nigeria a Joke. For instance, Nigerians no longer belief words ascribed to security institution.

Today, criminals now operate freely without any form of fear. For instance the Chairman of the APC, chief John Odige oyegun was robbed in his home in Abuja, a place belief to be the headquarter of DSS. Also the DSS is yet to help gather information of chibok girls whereabouts but sharp in condemning the solidarity rally often carried out by the BBOG. Also party secretariat has been attack with weapon of destruction like Dynamite but the institution is not pre-aware of such unlawful act and yet to be the perpetrator to book.

The question one should ask; is what factor is responsible for DSS/SSS failure in carrying out its objective?

In response to this question and in my opinion I venture to assert that, the continuous , bias, irresponsible, un-glorified, unjustified and in effective “partisanship” that characterized the institution, especially it spokesperson Mrs. Marlyn Ogar, who has continue to act arbitrarily in disposition of her duty and exercise of her power, this I labeled a” reflection of visionless and un-purposeful leadership. The overwhelming partisanship of the person of marlyn ogar ,Especially the unethical behavior of favoring ,praising a particular political party (PDP) and blackmailing, decry of the other Party (APC), this is a show of unprofessional value that characterize her person. Using the word of Alhaji Lai Mohammed “this hogwash situation is not only bad for the institution, but also an infamy on the image of the intelligence institution in Nigeria and the world as a whole.

This arbitrariness if not properly caution and not taking serious by those office whose burden is to correct this ugly situation, is capable of tearing the polity apart and causing a serious havoc, chaos or anarchy, especially the institution role in being shenanigan during the period of elections. It could be recalled that the activities of the same institution and it spokesperson during previous election, particularly in Osun and Ekiti still remain an uncured and unforgotten wound in heart of some influential Nigerians. The unlawful detention of Party chieftains and Members during the Osun state elections and counter accusation ofcorruption and terrorism that is levied against the APC by this uncharitable spokesperson “Marlyn-Ogar” could have torn the polity apart, if not for GOD intervention and defends of democracy by the great Osun citizens. Again as we approach the general election the spokesperson in her manner of arbitrary use of power invaded the APC secretariat in ikeja and unlawful ransack and detain the office personnel even a pregnant woman. Still on that, the DSS is at it again, accusing the APC of a “assume” hacking of the INEC computer operating system, a rude game of decapitating the image of APC. This act is beyond impunity but an act of “ungodliness’. And yet everyone is keeping quiet looking the woman violating the rule of law. Unfortunately the DSS and Marlyn-Ogar who has continue to indict the APC of various crime ,is quick and sharp to exonerate or absolve the PDP and it member. For example the DSS and Marly- Ogar was sharp to absolve ‘Ali Modu Sherrif and Ihejerika’ and clear them of this crime in a regard to the testimonies given by the Australian Whistle blower ‘Steve Davies’ and many Nigerians both late and alive. Every effort of Marlyn-ogar to undermine the intelligence of Nigerians has continue to proof ineffective and abortive, as Nigerians are eager for change, ready to vote out incompetent government, this which will be expressed through the ballot box come Feb. 14, 2015.

The foregoing therefore leaves me with the conclusion that “The partisanship of the organization has continued to undermine intelligence gathering in Nigeria and also posit Nigerian institutions as suffering from ethical degeneration. Therefore I take this opportunity to call out on Nigerians not to pay much attention to the antics and scripted effort of the DSS and Marlyn Ogar. Nigerians must stand fit to salvage our country from the ‘iota of green horn’ called Marly Ogar. Elders, traditional rulers and many influential Nigeria must voice out to save our country from being incorporated into anarchy by incompetent and partisan leadership that presently characterized the DSS. The fear of Syria, Iraq, Libya should be the beginning of togetherness and unity.


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