The ISIS called BOKO-HARAM; who owns the Blame by Adekunle D A.

boko haramJama’atu Alhis sunna Lidda’ Awati wal-Jihad (Boko-haram) the dreaded terrorist group, is believed to have slaughtered and massacre more than twelve thousand (12,000) Nigerians, including children and security operatives, and also the dreaded group has carried out many abductions including the abducted 219 “chibok” girls.
The continuous massacre and unrelenting crimes perpetuated by the group, as called increasing attention of individuals, scholars, theologians, international organization, local groups etc. with each providing different revelation, explanations and suggestions about the activities, operations and sponsor of the deadly ‘Boko-Haram’ group. Among the revelations is that of the late National security advisor to President Goodluck Jonathan ‘Gen. Andrew Owoye Azazi and the Australian negotiator ‘Stephen Davis’. In the revelations of the former, he averred that the Boko-haram is spearhead as a result of the crisis in the ruling party (PDP) and classified the Boko-haram group into three that is, ‘The political Boko- haram – believe to have originated from the crisis in the ruling PDP’, ‘Islamic Boko-haram believed to have originated from Yusufu Muhhammed’, and lastly ‘Christian Boko-haram believed to be sponsored by Pastor. Ayo Oritsejafor’. On the other hand, the latter in his own revelations averred that the group is political and mention openly two major sponsors of the group that is, the former Governor Modu Sherriff of Borno State and a former Chief of Army staff, General Azubuike Ihejirika (ret.). Dr. Davis also accused an unnamed senior official of the Central Bank of Nigeria as well as a man based in Cairo-Egypt whom he claimed operates as Boko Haram’s bagman. He said both men, in addition to Mr. Sheriff and former General Ihejirika, were major players in the funding and continued existence of the deadly sect. Aside from these revelations, another theory or school of thought, is what I called the “PDP thesis of boko-haram”. The members of this school of thought are of the ruling political class or apologist of the GEJ led administration claiming that the group is an instrument of the opposition party to make the country ungovernable for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
The question now is, who is likely to be the sponsor of the group, what do they really represent, could this be as a result of their opposition to the GEJ led administration and finally who owns the blame?
Recent event, especially the activities of dread group (Boko-haram) aftermath the announcement of the ‘Cease-fire’ agreement by the federal government has left me with the conclusion that the group is nothing but a ‘Political Terrorist Organization’ designed to enhance selfish political objective of some political actors, an instrument of ‘deceit’ to manipulate Nigerians and there is no one to blame than President Goodluck Jonathan. My reason for this is assertion is very obvious;
Firstly, to averred that the group is a religious social movement is not only erroneous it perhaps misleading. The group has never represented this view. The sect has continued to kill without any form preferences both Christians and Muslims. It must be clearly stated, that the doctrine of “Allah” does not conform with the sect activities, as it is believed by many that Christianity and Islam is a religion that represent PEACE. Aside, the group has received wide condemnation by Islamic organization across the globe. The fact is that, the assertion is designed only as a mean to divide Nigeria along religious line by political desperadoes.
Secondly, the assertion that ‘boko-haram’ is an opposition instrument to make the country ungovernable, a claim made by the ruling PDP and many apologist of the present administration is short-sighted and it’s very cheap. The view of this school of thought leaves me with many questions, given the fact that the affected Northern empires are specifically the stronghold of the opposition party (APC), especially now that it is obvious that their presidency has been zone to the North. The question to ask includes;
• Is it possible for the Northerners to commit the uneven holocaust against themselves as a result of being opposed to the presidency?
• Why is it that the Northerners are at the receiving end of the opposition against GEJ administration and does it mean the book-haram can’t find their way to the south-south, and south-west?
• Is possible that the opposition who rely main on the Northern vote can spearhead tension and fear that can despair voters, especially in the north-east where the rely on, looking at the vote garnered by Gen. Muammadu Buhari in the 2011 election?
• Is possible for a group perceived to be head by a Northerner to massacre his Northern siblings, looking at historical antecedent of the Northern people as non-slippery individuals and the region with only one voice.
However, having taken my time to study recent event using a holistic approach, it is of my belief and my opinion that there is more about the ‘boko-haram’ which is known to the political gladiators in the ruling class than those known to the ordinary citizens. To my best of understanding the group is nothing but a ‘politically sponsored terrorist organization’ in disguise to enhance the objective of small political desperadoes who sees ‘Power’ as must have and political office as heaven on earth. And the person to blame for all this is no other person than the President of the federal republic of Nigeria “Goodluck Ebele Jonathan”. My reason for this is very obvious;
• Firstly, the approach employed by the GEJ led administration to address this issue is too lily-livered. It has paid little seriousness in addressing the issue. Failure on the part of GEJ led administration to punish those who commit the jungle justice against ‘Yusuf Muhammad’ the pioneer leader of the group justify and pave way for their escalation and unrelenting crimes.
• Secondly, the ineptitude and negligence on the part of the presidency, putting it straight, the ‘I don’t care attitude or I give no damn’ attitude pave way for their escalation. It can be recalled that it took the intervention of a 17yrs old girl “Yousafzai Malala” before the president could affirm is visit to the chibok parent. Till today without being wrong, the President is yet to visit the scene of abduction and chibok community.
• Thirdly, even if we are to assume that that boko-haram is an opposition instrument, therefore it’s a shame that the ‘Commander in chief of the Armed forces’ is yet to disarm the group and bring to justice the sponsor of the group in the opposition after more than five years in power and five years of the group deadly operation. This is a reflection of the potential weakness of the presidency and harbinger of his lackadaisical attitude. Aside from this, the presidency has also failed to pay serious attention to many testimonies of the secret of the dreaded group , especially the recent one given by the Australian negotiator ‘Stephen Davis’ who affirmed that the sponsor of the group are members of the ruling PDP.
• Fourthly, another shot to explain the situation, is the indecisiveness and deceit that characterize the GEJ led administration. A close look at recent event in Nigeria, especially those relating to the President promises no doubt explain this view. The dramatist personae that shape the present administration has continue to employ deceitful tactic is managing the crisis. This is specifically so looking at the various misinformations’s often carried out by the security operative in relation to the matter. For instance the military apparatus of the Presidency claim to have killed “Abubakar Shekau” twice now, but recent event disapprove this claim. Today we hear of cease-fire agreement, tomorrow we hear of Boko-haram killings and taking over the control of towns in North-east. Today, some chibok girl escaped the book-haram den; tomorrow it is not the missing girls. Today, the president employs military tactics; tomorrow the presidency is set to dialogue with the group. All this no doubt explain the indecisiveness and deceit that characterize the polity and present administration. Also the various attempts by the presidency and his apologist to label the human right groups such as the “BBOG” as an opposition group is also another explanation of the deceitful character of the presidency and his cohort especially Dr. Doyin Okupe and Mr Reuben Abati.
• Lastly, the misplacement syndrome on the part of the presidency also account for the escalation of the dreaded group. It saddens my heart to see how the president has been carried away with 2015 elections. At a time the presidency should get busy finding a lasting solution to the insurgency, he his busy planning against is opposition, busy thinking of who rule and who should not. For me, it seems no one is thinking in the presidential villa or has everyone become a sheep?
Therefore , having said so much and belief to have establish beyond reasonable doubt my fact ,it is of my opinion and conclusion without owing anyone apology that the “Boko-Haram” group is designed mainly as an instrument of distraction, an excuse to justify many of the loopholes/shortcoming of the GEJ led administration. The group is designed to despair many Northern voters from participating in the upcoming elections by creating unrelenting barbaric fair and tensions in the region, given the fact that the region is specifically the major stronghold of the opposition. Although the President might not be directly involve but it’s obvious that his political apologist that are in, to milk the wealth of the Nation directly or indirectly know more about the sect. In my final word it is of my opinion and conclusion to aver that “the Presidency (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) owns the blame”. Nigerians therefore, must unify against the political gladiators, we must work in unity without any sentiment to salvage the future of this country. In a sane society, the President ought to have resigned but in our case the President is seeking another four years term.
However, if anyone is oppose to my view, such person must then attempt to provide answers to the following questions.
• Why has the region continue to be the major strong hold of the Boko-Haram sect and the most attacked by the sect?
• Why is the Presidency eager to stop the region from participating in the upcoming general elections?
• Why has the President continue to pay frivolous attentions to many testimonies revealed by Stephen Davis and why is that the presidency is yet to probe the accuse persons?
• How do we justify the presidency indecisiveness on the method to employ in quenching the dreaded group?
• Could be that ‘Gen. Azazi’ and ‘Dr.Stephen Davis’ are mere speculators or are the playing adversary politics on the intelligent of Nigerians with their revelations.?
• Was the assassination attempt on General Muhammadu Buhari’s life three months after he voiced out on the refusal of the DSS to investigate the links of the Vice President to Boko Haram-related? Was this assassination attempt after the revelation similar to that of late Azazi after he made similar statements? Are these being investigated?
At this juncture, I rest my pen.


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