NIGERIA:What a Nation; What a Sad experience!! – Adekunle D A.

Nigeria presents a case of a typical African state whose social-political&economic history seems to have hung precariously on an unsteady pendulum. The country has been witnessing bags of misfortune since her emergence as Nation state through colonialism driven by the forceful amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorate and the super imposition of colonial policies on the entity in 1914, by the colonial government of Sir federick Lord Lugard.

Its is not erroneous perhaps misleading to assert that Nigeria is a Nation with sad experience. First,that Nigeria was born out of colonialism is a Sad experience. As colonialism itself is an anti-thesis of democratic principle,its a symptomatic malfunctioning political system. it ushered in unscrupulous political culture,norm and value,its subjective,forceful dominance and exploitative. Therefore, that Nigeria holds her modern socio-political and economy origin to colonialism,is a sad historical experience. Colonialism dislocated and disintegrated the political structure that befits Nigeria, and super-impose theirs, which in many occasions fails to synchronise with the socio-political&economic mileu. Thereby breeding many of the issues/challenges facing the Nigerian polity today.

However,colonialism became history when the country gain her independence on october 1st 1960 amidst great hope and expectation that the “self rule” will usher in a more beneficiary political landscape that will foster development in all sector and promote political participation of its citizenry.

Disappointingly, the experience of the citizen was an “irony”of their expectations. Not less than two years that the country gain her independence, the political atmosphere was far from being beneficiary neither welcoming nor peaceful. The country became divided along ethnicism driven by Favouritism,tribalism and regionalism while National integration becomes a secondary Objective. This situation still remain the same,a reflect that the country doesn’t inherit an all inclusive political,socio-economic structure and National consciousness. But a quasi “geo-political independence” which led to many of the various upheavals that ravaged the Country and led to the collapse of the First republic, as the military of the praetorian class hijack and sack the civilian administration,adding to its responsibility a self appointed task of correcting the “ills of the society”.

Second , With the military take-Over of Nigeria’s political system,the political experience of the country deteriorated. The military regime ushered in a political culture of violence,repressiveness,and impunity,which as of today derailed Nigeria’s political system. There was high violation of human right, massive corruption,over concentration of power ,and misplacement of priorities. However with the death of” General Sanni Abacha” in 1998,and the voluntarily relinquishing of power to a civilian government in 1999 ushered in a new political landscape. The lost hopes of Nigerians was revive ,it was believed that we have learnt enough from our past experience,at such it was believe that the country is about to witness a New dawn.

Unfortunately, Fifteen years after the commencement of the fourth republic, the hope and expectations is far from being realised as the country, more than ever before is witnessing series of misfortune and sad event. The country is not far from disintegrating,with speculations that the country may fail to exist as a nation -state come 2015. The political atmosphere is unfriendly,the country is characterised with terrorism,corruption,communal&ethnic violence,kidnapping ,Armed robbery,Abject poverty resulting to underdevelopment. Independence that is often celebrated with joy,is now celebrated in fear. Terrorism as become a daily activities in the country,many homes and life have been lost to terrorism. Few days to 53rd independence anniversary,more than Ninety lives were lost to terrorism(Boko Haram). The hope for a better Nigeria more than ever before becomes shallow.

Fifty four years of independence,many of the problem confronting the country as at independence in 1960 remain intractable. The country is yet to show enough portends of development,the country strife in abject poverty,no stable electricity, education is appalling, insecurity is the fear of every Nigerian, corruption has been elevated to prime positions,Terrorism is deteriorating the polity, infastructural decay. The fear of disintegration looms in the country today.

However, scholars,theologian,jurist et al,has continued to reflect upon many of the issues/problem facing the country,while some blame it on colonialism,some blame it on leadership failure and unfaithful followership. However, as a concerned citizen and as a social scientist ,having taken an holisitic appraoch in studying many of the event ravaging the country, I can venture to assert that “the problem of Nigeria is Unprofessionalism,not in the sense of being educated or not,but the non-adherence to the standard principle and practice of many of the phenomena that shapes a country”. Unprofessionalism ravaged in all the canonical sectors of the country. Thereby, breeding misfortune and creating disastrous end to the Nigeria’s polity.

Therefore it suggested that, to have a better future, there is a need for a revisitalization of the Nigeria state.That is, there is a need to pave way for more professional handling of issues and proper conduct of our leaders as an example and a need for Sovereign people conference that will usher in a new political landscape characterised with Aggregative federalism, Overhearking Constitution devoid from inseculiar justice system, True democracy and patriotism. If this is can be achieved,It is my believe that Nigeria will go places. Otherwise, there is no hope for a dwindling Nation like ours.

However,Inspite of the challenges& upheavals facing the country today ,Nigeria should be congratulated for her togetherness. Nigerians should be congratulated as “Lover of peace” for being together this long.

God bless me,God bless Nigeria

Adekunle Damilola is a political scientist,policy analyst,election strategist. The pro founder of SOBA consult.

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