The continuous factionalism occurring simultaneously in the People’s Democratic Party across all region in Nigeria is an end product of Adversary politics which is often perpetuated by political intolerance,intimidation and subjugation exemplified in Nigeria’s politics.It could be recalled that a show down of political tension,conflict,and breakaway is not a new occurrence in the PDP. Since its emergence as an independence political party, Factionalism,disagreement,political tension as been a reopening phenomenon that characterized  it (PDP). It has been battling and suffering from “Dis unity Syndrome”. This is simply because the PDP is characterized by ignorant political opportunist who found themselves in politics not because of their reputations, but simply because of the Political Apathy that ravaged the polity. The PDP with their war of conquest as dislocated many of the core Value which democracy represent and preaches,thereby injecting impunity,violence and confrontations into Nigeria’s political culture and disintegrating the unity of the Nigeria state.

Over the years Crisis and adversary politics as been a synonyms of PDP,if it is not Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo and Fayose of Ekiti, It will be Obasanjo and Atiku,Obasanjo and Ngige,Obasanjo and Babaginda etc. Recently some member ot the PDP defected to the new registered party APC,alleging their party of intolerance and intimidation. In a manner of adversary politics the PDP led by Bamanga tukur called them” expired people”. Some defected to form another faction of the party,disappointingly this occurred at an event which is  meant to express their togetherness,ironically it expresses  their Disunity. In relations to this and in a manner of adversary politics,the presidency and Bamanga Tukur led PDP faction lock up the secretariat of the new PDP,which outburst the control of the situation. Dishearteningly President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday sack some member of his cabinet,whose appointment is either influence or nominated by the defected PDP members,believing they ain’t power brokers in their respective state.I wonder if President Goodluck jonathan understood the difference between politics and administrations,because I still find no reason for the Presidency to sack a dignified woman like the Minister for Education(Alhaja Rukkayatu Rufai)leaving scrupulous ‘Mrs Allison madueke’ and IMF bull dog ‘Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala’.The action taken by the presidency reveals how shallow minded and ignorant his political advisers. The reality is that GEJ administration isn’t success in progress but a Failure in progress.

The presidency and PDP must be reminded that Democracy isn’t only based on elections.As Leo Moulin(1953)observe Democracy transcend the conduct of elections,it encompasses the presence of “Ethics” which involves “Human Right”,”Fair Play”,”Decent Method”,”Tolerance”,”Sense of humor” and Unselfishness. Democracy entails ‘Meaningful and Extensive competition among individuals and organized group,especially political party either “directly” or “Indirectly”,for the major position of government powers,in addition to popular participation in electoral process and respect for human and civil right of the competing parties.(Larry Diamond 1988).

The painful part is that the crisis rocking the PDP isn’t only a threat to the party existence,it is  also a threat not only to the survival of Democracy in Nigeria,but the cooperate existence of Nigerians state. There has been exchange of provocative and ridiculous word,threat of life affecting the existence of Nigeria. For instance,the barking pit-bull without teeth (Alhaji Asari Dokubo)has continue simultaneously threatening to set the his household and neighbors on fire ,not Nigeria,if president Goodluck jonathan isn’t elected to office come 2015.The statement by dokubo doesn’t only violate the law,its  a treason and he ought to face the wrath of the law.      Therefore,as concerned citizen and a social scientist,I have put this piece together as “clarion’ call to citizen of Nigeria to salvage the future of our country “Nigeria” from the unprecedented,ignoramus and common individuals or groups called the PDP. We must not  allow the adversary politics that ravaged the PDP to tear the country Apart. We have No where to go than Nigeria. “It is at this juncture I rest my pen”


Adekunle Damilola A,is a political scientist, Juggernaut,dogged political analyst,spirited writter and ever concerned citizen.




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