With my experience and that of majority graduates of political science competing in the labor market revealed negativity in the perception of the discipline of politics. The view of people and employers’ of labor toward political science as an academic discipline and a field of practice, is out-rightly to the opposite, of what political science encompasses and preaches. Many employer often find it difficult to realize the legitimacy of political science as a mother discipline, it is their belief that political science is not a practical discipline, it has little or nothing to offer. This specifically so, given that the role and professionalism embedded in this rigorous discipline has been relegated to background, thereby it never represent it expected role, at such it relevance to achieving organization objective and developmental goal ain’t visible.This view/notion should be taken seriously as it has a negative disposition on the career of ‘student of politics’ and ‘graduate’ of politics science.

Disappointingly, those whose under the burden rest to address this ugly situation are it promoters. Consultations revealed that professionals of this discipline as portrayed it as a “radicalism” and “revolutionary” discipline. Subsequently “student of politics” are perceived as ‘troublesome’ individuals, Thereby influencing negatively the many opportunities for graduate of politics in the Labor Market.

Aside from these uneven experience in the labor market, it is a fact to say that, the rightful position of political scientist in the day to day activities of our dear country as been “relegated to the background “as political scientist are foreseen as irrelevant phenomenon in national development resulting from the fact that our duties as “socio-political engineers” and “analyst of the ultimate decision making process” has been hijacked by ‘common commentator, Non-oriented professionals, and political opportunist. Today in the media you see commentators coming to analyze political phenomena and providing a fallacious resolution. Unlike in the developed world where political scientist, public administrator and lawyers are the civil servant, permanent sectaries, personal assistance to executives on political affairs  and many more related jobs, in Nigeria it is to the opposite.

This situation as contributed negatively to Nigeria’s development, as professional duties are carried out by ignoramus  political commentators who cant distill and apply practical with theoretical analysis/explanation of political issues and their solutions.Therefore, it is disappointing that the ‘Philosopher King’ as become a slave to the ‘shallow minded’ and the ‘ignorance political opportunist’.  As it is known, the ‘American political science association’(APSA) as been a driven tool and a say in America’s politics and National development.

I ask the question of;

Where is Nigerians association of political scientist? What has been their contribution  to National development so far? And to what extent have they been able to safeguard, represent and promote the image of this “Noble” discipline?

Thus, this letter is aimed has a “clarion” call to our professional mothers and fathers to save this ‘Noble’ discipline in achieving its aim as a driver of National development and the career opportunity embedded in it, which make it an enviable professional discipline to their sisters’ discipline. And also a call to save our dear country “Nigeria” from the ‘pitfall of infamy’ through field political participation, which may involve “Citizenship Education”, “Sensitization Programs” “Trainee for future politicians” across the regions of Nigeria, and the rest of the world.

Hence, political science student must now be allowed to participate in industrial training (IT) within field of public sensitization as mentioned earlier on. We must begin to show the behavioralism of the discipline as not only theoretical but a practical discipline.

I hope to receive a favorable response from the Nigeria’s political scientist.

If you are a political science student or concerned citizens please forward until it reaches the appropriate quarters.

Thanks Immensely

NOTE: This write-up is subject to constructive criticism and constructive praise. And if there is any question, you can always ask by subscribing to my blog. follow @deepolity on twitter and invite friends to like our facebook page



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