With the emergence of the newly registered political party,that is,”The All Progressive Congress”a conglomerate of the “ACN”, “ANPP”, “APGA”, “DPP” and the “CPC”. Many Nigerians foreseen a hope coming to reality, as it is believed that the new political party,which they see as the “Political Messiah” will usher in a new political landscape they all have dreamt of or expecting.

Although it is fallacious and erroneous to say that the emergence of the “APC” has no significant relevance to Nigeria’s democracy, it is a fact that the emergence of the “All Progressive Congress” will foster a strong competition and opposition to the “malicious “People Democratic Party dominating the political apparatus of the Nigeria state. As it is known that where there is constructive criticism, opposition and competition, there is Development.

Nevertheless, it isn’t misleading to say that the issue confronting Democracy in Nigeria isn’t the name of a political party, but the cabalocrazy, and the doctrine that establish the political party.      The nature of Nigeria’s politics and political party, is one describing as a “Capitalist Intensive Venture”.Political party activities since the past fifteen years of the fourth republic is characterised with ‘’Impunity’’ which is driven by Godfatherism, Corruption, Kleptos, Shallow-minded individual etc. Thereby threaten not only the survival of democracy buy also the cooperate existence of the Nigeria state. Nigeria’s political party are mostly operated by “Bunch of Apatosaurus Capitalist “that see politics as mean to an End, and by logical extension,establish decision of their own interest without any consideration of the Masses.

Therefore, Nigerian’s must not only be interested in changing of party or the political status quo, but must show enormous interest in under-studying and under-evaluating the flag bearer of  the various Political Party.

As it is known by record and achievement so far and as I conclude that Nigeria’s political parties are fallacy of hopes.




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