Arise Nigeria


Previously, I wrote an article on how the Peoples Democratic party(PDP) and the Adversary politics perpetuated its  detrimental to Nigeria’s existence and her peace. With the recent event that took place at the National Assembly yesterday 19th of september 2013,it is becoming increasingly clear  that the PDP and their political war might tear the country Apart,as well as run it aground.
  The National Assembly was turned into an Assembly of thugs yesterday,as some PDP members  who are either loyal to the “Abubakar Baraje Faction” or Bamanga Tukur Faction” went into face off disrupting activities that should have taken place. This itself does not only have a negative effect on the domestic activities of the country,but also detrimental to the image of the country internationally, as member of the National assembly were exchanging blows and words that threaten the cooperate existence of Nigerians. In line with the above and various provocative words by individual ,ethnic groups,especially the pitbull “Asari Dokubo” there is a drastic signal that Nigeria is cracking. Therefore as a  young Nigerian who is interested with well being and being well of my fellow citizen, I here by call  Nigerians once again not to fold their arms and watch “Nigeria” perish. We must not allow unconsciousness and Apathy to override our reasons  and destroy our Home,we must put in place constructive means to tell unscrupulous individual toying with our existence that our “Patience” has been tasked and remind President Goodluck jonathan of his agreement with Nigerians in 2011,he should leave 2015 politics alone and allow effective Administration that is convincing to take place. Enough is enough,Nigerians have  suffered so much,we are living in doom and decadence politically,economically,socially and religiously. As we all know, we have Nowhere to go,many who knows when it started might not know when it  ends,and at worst we are at the receiving ends. Let’s learn from syria and many other fallen Nations.   DON’T BE A SPECTATOR!!! BE ACTIVE!!! REF. Adekunle Damilola A (2013) PDP&Adversory politics in Nigeria,publish by Adekunle Damilola A (2013) In Niamey without Visa:14yrs of contaminated Democracy in Nigeria. Follow @sobaconsult to get more info. Coming soon: Unprofessionalism an Impediment to Nigeria’s development by Adekunle Damilola A.



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